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what is barablu


barablu is free software you can download to your
mobile phone or computer, that enables you to
make free calls and chat to other barablu users.
Anyone can download barablu...there is no reason
you should pay for calls.


Everyone wins

You win:

If both you and your friends have barablu on
your mobiles, you can talk to each other for free*,
for as long as you want.

Your friends on other IM’s win:

If your friends are not on barablu yet, but have a Skype®, MSN® Messenger, Google Talk™, Yahoo!™, AIM® Instant
Messenger or an ICQ® account, you can import their contacts and still talk to them.

Your non-techie friends win:

If you want to phone someone that is not on barablu, we offer really cheap rates to call landlines and mobile phones.


*to use barablu on your mobile you will need an Internet data plan