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You can now use barablu for your iPhone



  • VOIP call between barablu users
  • barablu call to landline phones
  • barablu call to GSM phones
  • to Skype contacts by importing Skype account
  • Open incoming barablu voice mails


  • between barablu users

Importing account from

  • Yahoo Messenger
  • GTalk
  • AOL
  • ICQ
  • MSN
  • Skype

Instant Messaging

  • between barablu users
  • with Yahoo Messenger contact
  • with GTalk contact
  • with AOL contact
  • with ICQ contact
  • with MSN contact
  • with Skype contact

Contact List Management

  • Adding new contact by specifying the contact's profile
  • Adding new contact by searching through barablu's global directory
  • Adding new contact by exporting form the iPhone's internal Address Book
  • Blocking contact communication
  • Unblocking contact communication
  • Viewing contact profiles
  • Removing contact from contact list

Account Managament

  • Topping up the barablu credit by entering the voucher pin number
  • Viewing barablu account balance
  • Editing account information
  • Changing avatar
  • Changing status