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To get your free UK barablu online number, sign into your account and select 'Add number'.

Get a free UK barablu online number now!



barablu offers two types of numbers. A barablu PERSONAL number and a barablu ONLINE number.


Your barablu online number

Your barablu online number is similar to a landline or mobile number: anyone can call you from any phone on this number and you pick up the call in barablu. If you have barablu on your mobile, this means flexibility to be contactable no matter where you are.
The best part is that if you have a UK number, anyone calling your number in the UK can use their inclusive minutes from their mobile, or pay local rates to phone you. You can be anywhere in the world, and they will still pay nothing or local rates. International calls free or at local rates for your friends and family...brilliant.

What's the cost?
barablu online numbers are available for local area numbers in both the UK and USA.
UK online numbers are currently FREE
US online numbers cost £16 for 12 months.

How to get your barablu online number
To request a barablu online number you need to sign in using your username and password.
From the account overview area, click on the barablu online number link and follow the prompts.
The minimum subscription period for a barablu online number is 12 months.


Your barablu personal number

Your barablu personal number is the 8088... number you received when you signed up for barablu (this number is also displayed in your barablu account area).
Although you can't currently use this number for people to phone you on, you will soon be able to give this number out for people to reach you anywhere in the world.
barablu users will be able to phone each other for free over other networks, and non-barablu users will pay reduced rates to call you on your barablu account.


So keep your barablu personal number safe...it will be worth more than gold soon...


Did you know?

If you are not available on barablu, you can forward you calls to voicemail, or a number of your choice. Learn more

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