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Transfer photos, video clips and files between barablu users instantly. This feature is especially useful to create more space on your mobile phone by transferring your photos, video clips and files directly to your PC.

Tell someone
With barablu you can instantly share that ‘must show you this’ moment with your friends. Take a photo with your mobile, see which of your friends are online and share...

Sending photos to your friends
To send photo or file to other barablu users:
1.  choose the user you want to transfer the file to
2.  go to options (usually bottom left corner), choose features and then send file
3.  Select your file / photo and send!
4.  Your friend will receive a message that you’ve sent him/her a file or photo

Send photos and files to your barablu PC account
Follow the same steps as indicated above, but choose send photos (instead of send file). When you log into barablu on your PC, go to file and ‘View my photos’.

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